5 tips to stay healthy at work

07 May 2019

healthySpending a long stretch of hours at a desk may prevent working professionals from finding the time to keep fit, but being in poor health severely impacts our productivity levels – not just at the workplace, but in our day to day chores as well – and you know what they say… health is wealth!

The best way to be mindful of this and remain in good health is to first find creative ways to keep healthy in an office:

-    Be mindful of what you consume
Sitting at a desk for long hours can sometimes bring about the urge to snack; especially when your company office provides you with a few regular treats and a nearby vending machine. Exercise self control, stick to healthy snacks if you must snack at all and keep to a three-meal routine. A filling, protein-based breakfast will energise you and prevent you from craving energy-draining carbs throughout the day, and it is also important to ensure your lunch is well-balanced and healthy.

-    Take breaks
Getting up to stretch your legs and enjoy a breath of fresh air is not only your right, but something that should be enforced. Sitting down for a long stretch of time may tire you, deplete your energy levels and reduce your creativity, so remind yourself to take several breaks throughout your workday.

-    Keep hydrated
Dehydration may cause migraines, dizziness and drowsiness – which would in turn have an impact on your work. However, losing track of how much water you’re drinking in a day is easy when you are deeply focused on your workload. Remember that you should drink between six to eight glasses of water per day, and try consume juicy fruits. You could also make use of phone applications that track your water consumption and remind you when you have not drunk enough.

-    Work on your posture
When staring at a screen all day, trying to not slouch at your desk can be a struggle. Try to consistently work on this through frequent reminders and neck exercises. Not only will it benefit your back and prevent any potential pain, but it will also inevitably keep you on high alert, rather than cause tiredness.

-    Be hygienic
There are many ways in which you could improve on this final point – from keeping your workdesk clean and tidy, to washing your hands frequently, making good use of hand sanitizer and not spending time around sick employees – as well as, of course, not coming in to work when you are unwell.