Choosing the right career path for your personality

19 Sep 2019

accountsChoosing the right career path is highly dependant on your personality type. Some of us thrive in bustling environments and constant social interaction, while there are those of us who prefer working in smaller groups and quiet environments. In fact, introversion and extroversion are often taken into account when recruiters ask potential employees to fill in personality tests in an interview.

In order to truly enjoy your work’s surroundings and find a job that fits perfectly, opting for something suitable for your character is of the utmost importance.

Today, we’re listing some popular roles among introverts, as provided by

-    Accountant
Since most of accounting is an independent job that does not require too much interaction, this role is suitable for those who prefer their alone time. Of course, the requirements may vary by company, but those number savvy individuals can always consider this career path!

-    Social Media roles
Many marketing jobs in social media often require that you spend a lot of time to yourself, brainstorming and dealing with social media channels. Yes, marketing teams also work best when people get together to discuss ideas, but a lot of your day-to-day work can be done independently.

-    IT Analyst
Although several IT jobs focus on communication, many analyst jobs post-graduation require alone time to delve into data. This could be perfect for those who prefer little socialising.

-    Copywriter/Graphic Designer
Many writers and designers have the ability to work on their projects alone, and sometimes on a freelance basis too. Creative careers are almost always suited for introverts.

-    Video editor
This is yet another creative role, but editing jobs are great for less interaction. For those who enjoy working in film but are not in favour of the busy atmosphere found in film production, editing roles may be the most ideal.