Coping with stress at work

30 Jul 2018

tired businesswomanAnyone who has ever held a job has inevitably had to deal with work-related stress at one point or another, regardless of whether they loved the job or not. Short-term pressure is to be expected, but when it begins to recur, it can seriously harm your health. Here are some tips on handling stress at work:

-    Keep track of what it is that stresses you out
Keep a written record of the people and circumstances involved whenever you feel that you are stressed. Being aware of the triggers can help you avoid certain situations or learn to react to them better.

-    Recharge
Prioritise your relaxation time just as much as your work hours, because being stressed will indirectly take its toll on your productivity anyway. Therefore, if needs be, oblige yourself to take time off! Some workaholics need to remind themselves that no extreme end is beneficial, so do not be afraid to take vacation days when needed. Dedicate your after-work hours to relaxation and engaging in non-work activities.

-    Start your day off right
Plan your mornings wisely so as to head to work feeling energised. Dedicating more time to having breakfast in the morning and getting dressed calmly will be far better than scrambling out of bed shortly before your work hours are about to begin. That peaceful start to the day will leave you feeling more optimistic throughout the day, believe us on this one.

-    Avoid conflict
Conflict among co-workers tends to happen more often than you realise, and its effect on your emotional health can be draining. Avoid sharing your personal opinions at work, especially regarding political or religious views. Keep it professional! Being mindful of this will also help you steer clear of those who don’t work well with others.

-    Handle your stress outside of work too
Healthier habits outside work will benefit every aspect of your life. Any form of physical activity will be great, as is meditation – if that works for you. Dedicate time to your hobbies and spending time around the right people. Finding a right work-life balance is key. Read more about that here!