How to build a professional image

31 Jan 2019

typingBuilding a professional image is one of the greatest things a person can do to benefit their career. Whether you are hoping to change others’ perception of you at your existing workplace or seeking to upgrade your attitude and appearance to acquire a new job, tips to build a positive professional image are always helpful.

-    Pick your clothing wisely
Appearances do matter. Your attire should look clean, neat and professional – but most importantly, suitable for the role at hand. Dress in the way you would want people to perceive you or as you would wish to seem. It is also important to remember that wearing clothing you find appealing will mentally give you a confidence boost and portray your mannerisms differently.

-    Work on communication
The way in which you communicate with your colleagues or future employer is particularly significant. Focus on speaking positively of situations and being respectful to those you work with. This entails greeting them kindly as well as recognising (and pointing out) their hard work and efforts.

-    Use the right body language
When in a professional environment, presenting yourself well through the right body language can go a long way. Work on your posture and handshake to exude confidence but convey a sense of approachability with eye contact and a smile. Remember to always face the speaker and avoid crossing your arms.

-    Ensure your online presence is just as professional
Be mindful of the things you choose to share on social media – they offer a deep insight into your personality, and a profile bursting with images from your Saturday night out can be rather off-putting to employers. However, keep in mind that building a professional image is not limited to photographs. Your website, relevant taglines, email address and signature are all fundamental to ensure a business-like online presence.

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