The importance of ergonomics

01 Aug 2019

workErgonomics contributes a lot to an office’s surroundings, but yet is often overlooked. By definition, ergonomics is the study of improving a work environment for employees’ health and performance. However, not only does ergonomics benefit workers, but in turn, it also impacts the office positively too. Here’s how:

-    It improves productivity
This might seem like a no-brainer, but focusing on the health and comfort of employees enables them to improve their productivity levels. If their posture is right and they are not in need of overly exerting themselves and their physical state for the sake of the job, a higher standard of work is guaranteed.

-    It impacts the quality of work
Higher productivity levels lead to a higher quality of work. If ergonomics are not prioritised, work will be compromised due to tired or angry employees.

-    It leads to higher satisfaction among employees
If a company is set on bettering the lives of its employees, this effort will be noticed and appreciated. In turn, this will automatically lead to a more optimistic approach to work and higher productivity levels too!

-    It reduces costs
When investing in ways to better an office’s ergonomics, certain costs will occur far less, such as musculoskeletal disorders caused by a poor posture or movement repetition. As delight office reports, about one-third of workers’ compensation is directed towards cases of MSD. Needless to say, investing in the right office equipment can incur less future costs!