Tips to speed up your job search

16 Jan 2019

busySearching for the right job can sometimes feel like a tedious process. From finding a good fit for your requirements and fitting in the requirements of the company, to waiting to hear back from lengthy interview procedures – it may all be frustrating. Worry not, however – there are certain ways to ease the search.

-    Decide on what you are looking for
In order to make sure your time is used up efficiently, start job hunting with a clear idea of what you would like. This will narrow down your options and prevent wasted interviews.

-    Present yourself well
Ensure that you are using a neat, well-written and updated CV that contains a professional-sounding email and phone number. Most importantly, remember to answer any emails or phone calls – failing to do so might have a negative consequence. Another important point is working on your social media – namely LinkedIn. The way in which you present yourself online is vital to your job search.

-    Use every method possible
Searching online is just as important as asking around. Sign up on as many job-searching platforms as you are able to, and this will help you filter your requirements quickly – but also remember to ask friends or certain acquaintances for any open positions that they may have heard of.

-    Search on the go
There is no need to simply search on your computer – if you are traveling or juggling several tasks at once, use your phone or tablet to scroll through possible open positions.

-    Ask for help
If your time is limited, asking others to write or edit your CV is always an option. You might have to pay for such services, but it will be worth the result. If you are looking to save money, asking a knowledgeable friend or family member to help out can also be helpful.

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