5 effective ways of promoting yourself on social media

23 Oct 2018

smartphoneIn today’s age, social media plays a massive role in one’s career. The way you choose to portray yourself on the online world will have a direct impact on your professional career, so knowing how to market yourself wisely is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, small businesses can now get their name out with very little money, if the right platforms are used efficiently. Here are 5 effective methods of promoting yourself by means of social media:

-    Consistency is key
Consistent social media profiles are what attract viewers and keep them engaged, so being mindful of this will help greatly. No matter which platform you’re sticking to, viewers should be able to recognise who you are through your content. Therefore, pick a niche, target a specific audience and stick to cohesive posts. If, for instance, you’re making use of a Twitter and Instagram page, both should share the same colour scheme and content style – as well as any same logo. Additionally, consistency can be achieved by keeping your profiles updated regularly.

-    Quality over quantity
Even though posting regularly is necessary to keep your engagement soaring and your page promoted, poor content will not keep viewers engaged. Therefore, if your time is limited, focus your efforts on producing the right content. Planning out posts in advance is helpful.

-    Focus on the right platforms
Joining too many different social media platforms is not a good idea, as this will spread out your followers thinly across different channels – and require more work to upkeep on your part. Choose 2 or 3 platforms to concentrate on, specifically ones which suit you or your brand’s content best and ones which are popular, allowing your work to be noticed easily.

-    Engage with your community
None of the above matters if you are not dedicating time to engage with others – like and comment on their posts, respond to your followers, be social! Not only will people notice your online presence, but you will also be perceived as a friendlier and more approachable person, which will result in others wanting to exchange the favour.  

-    Be genuine
And finally… if you’re hoping to advertise your work, keep in mind that nobody enjoys the typical annoying advertisement popping up all over their screen. Trying to convince people to click on a link can just come off as too persistent and end up with less of a following. Whatever you do, do it creatively! Use tactics which will make people WANT to click on that link, by putting in a bit of your own personality and approaching advertising in a fun manner.