The power of good communication in the workplace

04 Sep 2018

DiscussingCommunicating efficiently is important in any environment where human interactions take place – However, the right communicative skills are especially essential in the workplace. Building the right client relationships and working effectively with your team is almost always a result of good communication. Good communication can be used to:

-    Avoid conflict
In an environment where people of different mindsets share the same space for 8-hour-long days, 5 days a week – conflict is bound to happen. However, conflict among colleagues is often a result of misunderstandings that can easily be resolved by learning to express your needs and understand those of others. Identifying communication patterns and habits can help eliminate any workplace tension.

-    Lead effectively
If you want to make your thoughts heard, clear communication is of essence. Learning to get your point across without beating around the bush will help engage your audience and give your words meaning. One of the best ways of sounding assertive and convincing is avoiding the use of this three-word phase: “I feel like.”
Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, a historian at Syracuse University, described the phrase as “a way of deflecting, avoiding full engagement with another person or group.”
themuse offered an example of how the usage of this phrase may change the way your thoughts are perceived:

“I feel like we should cancel our Wednesday meetings so we have more time to focus on our individual projects.”
“We should cancel our Wednesday meetings so we have more time to focus on our individual projects.”

The first phrase may result in people nodding their head along or simply not taking action, whereas the second comes across as a much stronger statement that will lead to others either agreeing or disagreeing – resulting in a faster decision. Additionally, it sounds more confident, which is appreciated in the workplace.

-    Create a productive workforce
Communication helps to better understand one’s colleagues and their talents, as well as establish a comfortable environment for people to express themselves creatively. This helps to brainstorm and solve problems, receive the required guidance and work quickly.