Why deVere

Whether you've just graduated from university or thinking of a career change, there can be nothing worse than the struggle of not having any previous experience, but at deVere Group, we look at the person.

So why deVere Group? The company is always on the lookout for potential new recruits, and fortunately for you - experience is not a requirement. We want career-driven, enthusiastic and competitive people that are ready to accept a challenge. Our work within the financial industry can be a tough one and it will test you in a “go hard or go home” kind of way.

With offices in 70 different countries, our consultants have the opportunity to see a lot more of the world than the average UK employee. In return for your hard work, our advisers are frequently presented with incentives to further motivate them. Competitions often result in vacations; visits to the Grand Prix or even Las Vegas! Although challenging, we ensure that each individual is rewarded for the work they put in, and equally, and the rewards are worth fighting for.

We don’t care about your background; all you need to have is good communication skills, a “will do, can do” attitude and a hunger for success. If you think you have what it takes to thrive in our company, apply now.